Winslow Wombat, Lord of the Jungle Mini-Campaign

Game 1:

The Ivory Hunt

This is a routine Ivory hunt until the Lord of the Jungle turns up.


Usual set up on a 8x4 table. Place six markers numbered 1 - 6 in a cup and mix them up, take turns placing them number down on the table at least 1' from the edge and 6" from each other.


Roll a d6 each and the high roll sets up second on either long table edge up to 1' in. The other player sets up on the other side up to 1' in. The player who sets up second moves first.

Special Rules:

The counters represent Ivory caches except #6 which represents Winslow Wombat. Flip the counters as models get to them, if it is numbered 1-5 it is Ivory the model will then carry. If it is #6 it is Winslow who immediately attacks the model and then procedes to attempt to recover all the Ivory on the table, carried or not. Winslow will attack anyone carrying Ivory and if he takes control of the Ivory it leaves the game immediately. The game continues until one side routs or Winslow has returned all the Ivory.


+1 Survives the Game

+1 Winning Leader

+1 Carrying Ivory at the End of the Game

+1 Per Enemy Taken out of Action. Characters who take an enemy (including Winslow!) model out of action get experience for each model they take out of action.