Legion Images And Background

French Foreign Legion:

The French Foreign Legion is one of the most romanticized military units in history. The reality of a little less romantic, but very impressive. The legionaries are recruited from foreigners who are looking for action, or seeking escape from the law. They are all very hard men and do not rout easily. Their history in the real world is filled with assaults and defenses of hopeless positions. They take great pride in this.

In Tanzanica, the more romantic stories have some truth in them. The Geuste brothers are around somewhere no doubt. Not as interested in expanding the empire as the main French expeditions, the legion are used as shock troops for the worst possible campaigns. In the northern deserts and the southern jungles they have carved out a legend that all in Tanzanica respect.

Legionaries in the Dahomey Campaign Uniform.

Legion Soldier




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