Thursday, November 21, 2002

Whatever Your Warhammer Site

Justin Taylor has put a page up of links to all the Warhammer Variants on the web, ranging from Fantasy, 40K, Ancients, English Civil War, American War of Independence, Napoleonics, American Civil War and Colonial Eras. A very useful page of links to those of us who like to keep playing with the Warhammer mechanics.

Brett Abbott 1:34 AM

Monday, November 18, 2002

Pulp Figures Releases Soon

Bob Murch has posted previews of the new Pulp Figures releases for those of you who prefer the Terry and The Pirates 1930's period of gaming. Nice looking figures and it is good to see the line expand!

Brett Abbott 12:32 AM

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Miniatures Section Updated

I have updated the miniatures section and added a painting tips section as well. I am no master painter but I have linked to many that are and have some general tips about the difference between gaming and display painting.

Brett Abbott 1:48 PM

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Old Glory Darkest Africa

From Bob Giglio on the Colonial War Mailing list comes this information about Old Glory's new Darkest Africa Offerings. Old Glory is a very reputable company whose figures are very reasonable priced. I would note that these are not historical, they are based on Tarzan and jungle adventure movies, but some are usable as historicals with slight modifications. Information is on their website now, I will get some images when I can. Bob quotes from their newest catalog below:

"Lost African Tribes: Deep in the unexplored Heart of darkest Africa lie areas never before seen by explorers of any nation. Vast area peopled by fierce warlike tribes. Now Old Glory brings you superb models of these never before seen Lost Tribes of the Heart of Africa."

"Lost African Tribes: Each pack of tribesmen contains 6 different models, for a total pack content of 30 miniatures. Each different pack contains tribesmen in different tribal costumes. In each pack, unless otherwise specified, 3 variants are armed with spears and 3 with hand weapons. Shields are included as appropriate. Hand weapon often vary by tribe. They unique figures are cast in pewter and retail for $30.00 a bag."

"The Lost African Tribe Figures:
LAT1 - Tribesmen #1
LAT2 - Tribesmen #2
LAT3 - Tribesmen #3
LAT4 - Tribesmen #4"
LAT5 - Tribesmen #5

"The Masted Warriors of Darkness: The most feared of all the tribes in the Heart of Africa are the 3 tribes of the Heart of Darkness. The warriors of these tribes strike fear into their enemies by the use of fearson (some say magical) war masks and terrifying 'Mask-Shields'. Only the stoutest of hearts and the stiffest of upper lips can stand against such as terrifying spectacle!"

"The Masked Warriors of Darkness Figures: Pack structure as for the first 5 packs. Each pack contains tribesmen in different masks from those in other packs.

LAT6 - Masked Warriors #1
LAT7 - Masked Warriors #2
LAT8 - Masked Warriors #3

LAT9 - Tribesmen with assorted firearms

Into this maelstrom of Blood and Terror come the Explorers and Missionaries to bring peace unto a tortured land.

LAT10 - Explorers, Missionaries, Renegades and Constables
LAT11 - Porters and Loads
LAT12 - Village War-Drum, drummers and Chieftains
LAT13 - Village Huts"

Brett Abbott 5:26 AM

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Darkest Africa Subscription Arrives from Copplestone Figures.

Big German Marines from the Rhine Valley.
When I got home tonight I found a package on my doorstep and to my delight it turned out to be my Darkest Africa subscription. You have probably seen the photos on the website so I will say they are as nice as they look in the pictures. I was concerned about the size, The Back of Beyond figures are a good head taller than most of the DA stuff, and these do seem to be a bit bigger, but they should fit in ok. At the worst they are a full head taller, but most of the figures are a bit crouched so they will fit in well. I have uploaded a picture of a couple next to some of the Somalis I have just finished for comparison. Again, I think they will mix fine, but these are going to be some tall Europeans with some short Africans. I just need to finish the Somalis on my table and I will get some painted up. You can check the figures out here.

Brett Abbott 12:16 PM

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Pith Helmets

Pith Helmet, don't leave home without it!While looking for images of pith helmets I came across this site which sells them for a reasonable price of $35 for those of you in the States. If you like they sell 20 for $345, so you can kit out the whole gaming group and have some to spare. They also have a ton of other interesting hats and some neat hat history as well. . I havenít ordered from them and canít tell you anything about their service, but their site is neat! I own a couple of helmets already but hey who can have enough.

Brett Abbott 10:20 AM

Friday, November 01, 2002

New Darkest Africa Figures

Somali Warrior from Copplestone FiguresCopplestone Castings is about to ship new Darkest Africa figures, some new hunters and Colonial German Marines, Askaris and Marines. These are very nice figures. Highly recommended! See the figures here in the AF22, 23 and AFU 1 & 2. I am finishing up some Copplestone Somalis and will post up some photos when I finish them.

Brett Abbott 1:30 PM

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