Thursday, June 06, 2002

Clean Up

Did a lot of clean up yesterday. If you spot any bad links or broken pages I would appreciate an email about it. I have started to rework the rules section which should be the next major site change you all see.

Brett Abbott 3:38 AM

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Pulp Figures

As I mentioned the Copplestone China figures I thought I would throw in the link for Bob Murch's Pulp figures from the same era. Check them out at Pulpfigures.Com

Brett Abbott 6:22 PM

Back of Beyond

Common knowlege to some, I took my first look at some of Mark Copplestone's Back of Beyond figures today and they are very nice. They will work very well indeed with a Tanzanica/Mordheim style set of rules. I am anxiously awaiting the first release. Check them out at the Copplestone Site.

Brett Abbott 6:21 PM


This is another art gallery. This one has a large selection of African knives, including Azande and Manbettu ones. Neat, but very pricey.

Tribal Mania

Brett Abbott 5:22 PM

Nice Photos of Azande Style Shields from the Joel Cooner Gallery

While looking for some Azande info I came across the Joel Cooner Gallery which has some nice looking ones for sale.

Brett Abbott 5:10 PM

Clean Up

I spent this morning cleaning up links, and setting the old site up to a javascript redirect to the new one. More interesting things later today.

Brett Abbott 8:50 AM

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